Welcome to CFBN's brand new monthly Career Fuel Business Newsletter.  (See what we did there?)

We developed Career Fuel specifically for our members since many wanted more information on the Chicagoland food and beverage industry and the career paths and positions available in this thriving eco-system. Others asked for more helpful insights and guidance on attracting, hiring, and retaining talent. Others were looking for terrific team members for long- or short-term projects. In any case, an increased emphasis on all aspects of careers and career management was a clear need that CFBN can help to address. 

Currently, the economic environment is challenging, but we are hearing from motivated people looking to explore new opportunities and from companies seeking fresh talent. Through this monthly newsletter, we seek to better connect job-seekers and hiring firms, lay out the market dynamics, and to help everyone find what they need.

Career Fuel will also offer timely information on the industry, which will help you stay up to speed on what's going on. We will share insights from experts like Kincannon & Reed to help you learn more about new market changes in less than a minute.  And we will include tips to help you thrive. If you’re looking for new job opportunities, we have a section about individual marketing and resume boosting with content from Kinsa Group and from across the industry.

If you’re hiring, we created a space with tips on creating attractive job postings from Kinsa Group and the LinkedIn Corporation. We also have a place where we’ll post active job listings from our members. Please reach us here if you’d like us to promote your listing. We will connect to CFBN and new Career Fuel social media channels and groups to keep you connected to opportunities between newsletter publication dates.  

In short, we are launching a newsletter, but also a new community for CFBN members and companies.  We encourage you to be a part of it and hope that Career Fuel helps connect you to opportunities to help you grow and flourish in Chicagoland's food and beverage industry!


The CFBN team


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois employment is up 2.0% as of June 2023. The food and beverage industry contributed to this uptick. We hope to create more employment opportunities in the future!

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In a recent blog post, Kinsa Group discusses how more companies will start hiring for more positions as summer ends. They also offer advice on setting up job alerts, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and more.

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Show recruiters how you’re a standout candidate! Kincannon and Reed identify top skills that attract C-Suite executives, like emotional intelligence and adaptability. Look for these skills in your job history and emphasize them in your next interview.

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Editing your resume is another type of self-marketing, but starting that process can be challenging. Kinsa Group outlines 4 red flags to look out for in your resume so you can present the best professional version of yourself.

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It can be hard to create a great job posting online. After choosing a platform like Indeed or LinkedIn, read these 7 job posting tricks from LinkedIn’s business blog to make your position more accessible and appealing.

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Filling these new positions can be just as difficult. Thankfully, Kinsa Group has helpful advice on how to fill job openings (hint: offer flexible work schedules and provide “easy apply” options!)

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