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As part of our offering of services to the Industry, the Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network (CFBN) offers a full suite of consulting services. Please contact us to learn more about these offerings for your organization or company, or to tap into our Network of experts to custom design an offering or engagement for your team.

Innovation/Start-Up Days

Give your employees a full-day, immersive experience that is designed to foster their creative and entrepreneurial strengths. The day will include exposure to successful entrepreneurs and innovative design thinking through a series of speakers, workshops and a panel. The experience will culminate in an opportunity for attendees to use what they have learned to prepare and pitch their own ideas in an internal pitch competition.

Entrepreneur Focus Groups

Gain exclusive access to the advice of 8-10 successful food and beverage start-up entrepreneurs through a roundtable discussion facilitated by CFBN. The entrepreneurs will provide feedback on new products, ideas and innovation to help the client company understand the value propositions of what they want tested. The entrepreneurs will also share their personal business stories, challenges and present success. These focus groups create a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and advice between successful and established experts and up and coming companies through carefully curated discussions and workshops.

Industry Expert Panels

CFBN will customize panels of industry leading experts to provide specialized content catered to the strategic direction and interests of your company. Whether you’re looking for information on blockchain, AI, patents, or any other industry topic, CFBN can curate a group of experts in the desired field and bring them to your office for an in-depth, candid discussion with your team.

Culinary Meets CPG Immersion Experience

Discover the unique connection between culinary and innovation in consumer packaged goods. CFBN will bring together some of the best chefs in Chicago to talk about how they keep their menus ahead of the trends in their continuous quest to delight the consumer. Learn how these goals in culinary can help fuel your innovation pipeline on the other side of the food and beverage industry.

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